Get to know the faces of VSG Resort!

We are proud to say that we have a fantastic team here at VSG Apartments! We strongly believe that a team is not about the quantity of people, but the quality of people and we have a very high trust in each other.
For us, VSG Resort is more than just business; it is the place where we can live our dream lifestyle and be who we really are.

Kate, founder

Kate is originally from a small town in Russia; she lived in the Czech Republic for 10 years and has travelled a lot around the world.

She is a very open-minded person with a global vision. After following the yoga path 5 years ago, her self-transformation had begun, and this new journey took her to the island of Krk in June 2018 to live the dream lifestyle and manage the VSG project.


Ivica, administrator

Ivica is the administrator and Kate’s right hand. He has lived in Klimno Village since his childhood, after working in logistics and real estate for almost all his life he chose/decided to leave the office job and be closer to his inner desires.


Marta, housekeeping manager

Marta make VSG apartments cozy and clean. She is a creative person and joined the VSG team with great enthusiasm! You will find a lot of details made by her hands. She loves nature and positive people!


Helen, investor

Helen is our inspiration manager; she always knows how to cheer the team up ;) This project is the realization of her life philosophy: FAMILY business in which everyone can use their true strengths and talents, nature, solitude, yoga and unification of like-minded people.

Pavel, head investor

Pavel is a modern businessman faced with all the stress of urban living every day. For him, Krk is a place to escape and recharge. He always notes that even the air here fuels the body and heals the soul.

VSG Resort is not like any other place on the Island. We are different.
All of us love everything we do - and we do for you, so get to know us and become our lifetime friends.