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General information about the Krk island

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The island of superlatives

Krk - German: Vegl; Italian: Veglia
Called the Golden Island since ancient times due to its mild climate, lush vegetation and great position in the Kvarner Bay, island Krk is a holiday destination that you definitely have to visit. Why?

Because island Krk is:

  • the biggest island in the Adriatic
  • the northernmost island in the Adriatic
  • the most accessible island in the Adriatic
  • the most diverse island in the Adriatic
  • the most visited island in the Adriatic
  • The island has a surface area of 409.9 km2 with twenty small islands, cliffs and reefs that are located around the island. There are 19 383 inhabitants. Located in a moderate and mild Mediterranean climate zone, island Krk is among the sunniest parts of Europe with 2500 hours of sun per year.


    The most accessible island in the Adriatic

    Island Krk is the closest island for all visitors who come from the continental part of Europe in search for the Mediterranean atmosphere.
    Thanks to its very beneficial geographical position and the proximity of most European countries, Krk has excellent traffic connections. 

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    Krk is connected to the mainland via a 1,430 m (4,692 ft.) bridge, one of the longest concrete bridges in the world. A toll for the bridge is paid when coming from the mainland heading towards Krk. Travelers crossing the bridge in the opposite direction do not have to pay the toll.



    The airport - Rijeka International Airport - is located near town Omišalj on the northern side of the island, close to the Krk Bridge and it is the most convenient flight destination when traveling to North Adriatic tourist destinations. With Rijeka Airport, the Island of Krk is connected with 15 cities in 11 European countries.



    While the island is connected to the mainland by bridge, there are no ferries from there to Krk, although a few lines exist to other islands. Island of Krk has Valbiska ferry port from where ferries operate to Cres (Valbiska-Merag) and Rab (Valbiska-Lopar) islands (operating from June to September).