Hello and Welcome!

I’m Jekaterina Kabanova, the founder of VSG Resort and a neurointegration trainer.

With my partners, we built VSG Resort on Krk Island from scratch—a challenge and a unique opportunity.

Life can get intense, right? Excitement often turns into feeling fatigue or anxiety, creating chaos.

Seeking tranquility, I turned to yoga, but integrating it into a busy life is tricky. Two years ago, I delved into understanding how our brain functions impact our well-being. By blending neuroscience knowledge with the wisdom of yoga, I created a framework for steady energy and happiness.

It’s not a magic pill but a life transformation requiring daily effort in three key areas: feeling, thinking, and acting. I don’t spend hours on practice; the entire algorithm is seamlessly integrated into my daily routine.


of adults experience stress due to uncertainty ¹

people suffer from mental disorders worldwide ⁴


of employees experience work-related stress & burnout ² ³

* According to research by (1) APA, (2) APA, (3) Gallup, and (4) WHO

We live in a very rapidly developing world and unfortunately not everyone can adjust to it. It’s not in our hands to change the world, but we can  allow individuals with high-intensity lives to pause, retreat, and experience the joy within the natural beauty of Krk Island.

Our mission is to help people with highly intercity lifestyle  reduce stress and prevent burnout.

How we can collaborate

 Event Organization

As an experienced organizer of retreats and self-growth programs, I am happy to help you organize your event or retreat in VSG resort. I will personally guide you through every step of your journey. We can start with a 30-minute call.

Master Class

I am pleased to conduct a master class at your event, sharing my unique success and happiness algorithm based on an understanding of brain function and the wisdom of yoga.

Personal Session

If you want to work with me personally, I offer a 20-minute introductory session where I will discuss what is holding you back from achieving your desired results and provide recommendations.

I am looking forward to connecting with you, friends!

30 Minute Meeting about your event in VSG Resort