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Apartments on Krk island

Heated Outside Pool, Sea and Spa All Year Round

Vitality Sunshine Gratitude

Duplex houses in the small village of Klimno
Open 365 days a year

Find the place for a holiday destination where you can relax and unwind, enjoy the beautiful beaches, the crystal clear sea, the majestic pine forest, good local food and wine and the company of your family and friends. A place where you can simply connect with yourself, by leaving all the disturbing things from everyday life. Located in unique natural landscapes of the Island of Krk, VSG Resort allows you to enjoy beautiful moments of relaxation – it is an ideal location for people who want a quiet and secluded place to enjoy the sea and nature while visiting the island.
We are located at the very calm area, far from the crowds of tourists, yet just 200 m from the sea and beaches where you can swim or enjoy breathtaking sunsets. We want you to relax your body and rest your soul. It is an excellent choice not only for summer but also for winter holidays on this amazing island, taking advantage of our low-cost winter special offers, high standards of customer service and impeccable environment.


Recharging in the middle of nature on the island of Krk


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VSG Resort is the perfect place to enter one’s inner peace.


We pamper your senses - you only have to enjoy and relax. Krk is an exceptional place that captivates the visitor with its natural heritage along with its super special energy.
Surrounded by lush green vegetation, we have two types of rental for your stay at VSG Resort:

The main principals, which are used in the whole project, are based on main yoga ideas:

  • achieving the best result with minimal effort
  • leave all unnecessary, not wasting energy through struggle and strain and leave only the things that add value to life
  • be close to nature and embrace your true unique self instead of trying to fit in and fight with limitations

VSG Resort

VSG Resort is the creation of Jekaterina Kabanova, who represent the family principle of being in the balance with the nature and being the part of its trough offering opportunity to a live life that allows you to stay connected with the inner self.